Small Claims

It is necessary to have access to representation when having to go to court. Just having access to a lawyer is not enough. You need a lawyer that is looking to bring you the kind of results you want. Too many have gone to small claims not knowing how to defend themselves or their assets.


Black Star Legal Services handles Small Claims matter in the Ontario Courts for monetary amounts that are up to $25k. This can include a range of issues concerning unpaid monies owed, carding by the police and debtor/creditor matters regarding garnishments. Small Claims Court is for amounts that might be too complicated to handle but doesn’t require a whole lot of money to litigate.


7782121758_2cd1ed70d9_bEx: Two years prior, Dante entered a lease contract with a local used car dealer. The contract stated that on a monthly basis, Dante was to make $300 payments to this dealer… All those payments were to be made cash. Dante did request that signatures from the dealer along with his could be placed on a separate document every time a payment was made. It was a security measure. In the two years Dante was in this lease agreement, he lost his job and got another one which resulted in a few payments missed, but he was eventually able to catch up. As he was giving the last cash payment to the dealer, he was met with hostility and was told that another $1500 was missing from their agreement. Dante had to file a claim against the man.